General Donations

In a nutshell, Rooted Interiors furnishes homes for families who are transitioning out of homeless shelters. Often, after their shelter experience, these families have been able to salvage only a precious few personal belongings. So as they return to a place they can call their own, they’re left dealing with the stress and insecurity of having nothing much else. That’s where Rooted Interiors comes in.


The Rooted community rallies around them, gathers all the furniture and home goods they’ll need from a warehoused stock of donations, then fills and decorates their entire space for the family, so they’re able to start their new life in a place that feels like home. The whole process takes just a matter of hours, and it’s accomplished with the help of Rooted Warriors (volunteers) — often as part of a team-building day held by their own companies or organizations.


Does all this make a difference? You’d better believe it. Under normal circumstances, up to 50% of families transitioning out of homeless shelters will find themselves homeless again within a year. With Rooted’s help, that number plummets entirely - meaning 100% of our clients don't return to homelessness.


Thank you for helping support our mission of ending the revolving door of homelessness through the power of community, beauty, goodness, and design. Want to see a heartwarming video some recent reveals? Check out our YouTube channel at @RootedInteriorsGA and witness the power of your donation.

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