About Round Rock SC

 Round Rock Soccer Club has accomplished many achievements in its history. This club had the highest level competing team in the Austin and surrounding in 2017 competing in the UPSL. This has brought us great value and a long standing history in central Texas soccer. This recognition and level of play also opened the door for great opportunities for all our athletes within Round Rock SC. 

That is not all that stands us apart, prior to 2017 we were best known for our work internationally sending players to Sweden each year signing contracts to large division 1 clubs helping to excel their careers.

In 2019 we branched into youth programming, after school soccer to connect our community as we worked closely with the school districts to provide a system of support for children at all levels of play.

In 2020 we were accepted in USL 2 one of the highest national leagues that very few get the opportunity to be accepted into, providing us a real path to college and pro with nearly 80% of players drafted from the league signing to MLS clubs.

Round Rock Soccer Club