Learning essential life skills is a right, not a privilege!

The failure of formal education to address practical life skills is massive. The next generation are losing hope because of the significant life challenges that they face every day. But, together we can forge a new path.

Rumie started with an idea: to bring digital learning to underserved communities with limited access. In 2020, we took a big leap by launching an open library of microlessons, for everybody. We've reached over 2 MILLION learners that come to pick up valuable life skills, 6 minutes at a time. This is only the beginning of the change that's possible.

Rumie's learners represent a wide range of cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds, from Afghanistan to the United States. What they all share in common is the fact that they do not have access to teaching that offers them the real life skills necessary to steer them towards their path to get the job, start the business, take care of their mental health, upskill, and grasp critical thinking skills.

In fact, here is some incredible data from our one million unique stories.
92% of our learners view Rumie as a learning safe space
67% identify as a visible minority
84% have indicated they're confident in understanding & applying what they've learned
88% view Byte learning as a positive alternative to social media time
96% have faced significant challenges in the last year such as discrimination, loss of support systems and depression

To overcome these substantial challenges, youth around the world require learning that's insightful, safe and available to all, at no cost, with no signups or upsells. We launched the new Rumie with the mission to fill the gaps of formal education by giving learners what they really need and want, in a format that they can really engage with. We've disrupted the traditional models of online learning and brought this essential no-cost service to over 2 million learners, with your support we can reach a lot more!

Rumie is a technology company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a Canadian registered charity.

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