Jacob's Fund for Scholarships

The PHCS "Jacob's Fund" was begun in 1998 in memory of Jacob Cochran. Jacob was born in 1987 with "Hurler's Syndrome," a rare genetic disorder. With his "carrot top" red hair Jacob was a very visible member of the Sebastopol community and in particular Occidental Community Church. He was friendly to everyone who came to talk to him, quick to smile and loved to play ball games with his brothers Joe and Dan. Jacob had a particular affinity for colorful and often unusual socks of which his collection numbered in the hundreds. He also loved hats, from cowboy to fireman to Peter Pan, and seldom left home without one.

Jacob passed from his mother's arms to the arms of our Lord on November 22, 1998. God's provision for Jacob and his family was amazing and abundant during his short life, and upon Jacob's death the decision was made to honor God's gifts through support of PHCS.

One hundred percent of all donations will be used to support Christian education in our community.


Organized by Pleasant Hill Christian School
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 68-0016427
[email protected]