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Minecraft Build War

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For more information Visit http://shawls4shelters.org/. To submit your entry, please record a video or screenshot of your structure and send it to [email protected] Or submit under the submissions page.

Build a Minecraft structure of your choice and compete with other builders to create the most creative and best looking structure. The participant with the best structure will receive a cash prize. All other proceeds will go to Shawls4Shelters Foundation, a Nonprofit organization helping the homeless population.



Shawls4Shelters Nonprofit Foundation is hosting its first Minecraft Build War where cash prizes will be awarded to the best Minecraft creation. Join us to compete with other builders to build the best and most creative structure. Shawls4Shelters is a registered youth-led nonprofit and is hosting this event to raise funds and awareness for the cause. All proceeds will go towards helping solve homelessness and toward future events.

If you are interested in participating in this Build Contest, please visit our website for more information. To volunteer or get involved in the fight to help the homeless population, please visit shawls4shelters.org.

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