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SUWU - Support Ukraine With US

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We are a dedicated group of Ukrainian-Americans working with volunteers on the ground in Ukraine to purchase and deliver food directly to people trapped in its embattled cities. Many of those who couldn’t evacuate are struggling to find food as nearby stores run out of supplies. It’s especially hard for the elderly, who don’t have transportation and cannot venture out far and stand in long lines. We collect and send funds directly to locals who drive out to towns that haven’t been bombed or raided to purchase food staples and deliver them to women, children, and the elderly who cannot provide for themselves.

There are also a lot of abandoned pets, which were left behind in hasty and dangerous evacuations. These poor animals don’t know how to scavenge and are terrified by the bombing. Our wonderful volunteers are trying to find and feed as many pets as possible.

Why Support Us

While large NGOs are doing their best to support millions of refugees pouring across the Ukrainian border, most are powerless to help the most vulnerable left behind as it is too dangerous to get volunteers into Ukraine. In the meantime, people and animals there are starting to go hungry due to food supply shortages in nearby stores. We are working directly with local Ukrainian volunteers who are already purchasing and delivering food daily to help communities in dire need. Unlike larger organizations that have a lot of overhead, we are a small and nimble group of dedicated volunteers who are able to get things done fast! And to those going hungry, every hour makes a difference.

Your support today is life-saving. Help us do more faster.


Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers in the US and on the ground in Ukraine who are heartbroken by what’s happening in Ukraine and longing to help the most vulnerable members of our society. We are working for free, so there’s no overhead. 100% of donations are used to buy food in Ukraine.




356 supporters

$50,000 goal

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SUWU - Support Ukraine With US

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EIN 88-2720534