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SAAFC is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization committed to breaking mental health stigma and promoting emotional, physical, and social well-being through arts, education and community-building.  SAAFC accomplishes this by hosting engaging live events and free virtual workshops with therapists, community leaders, and other experts. The primary goals are to initiate discussions regarding mental health and to increase South Asian Americans' access to valuable knowledge and tools for managing mental health. SAAFC also provides a much needed platform to South Asian artists at their events to leverage the dual power of art in managing mental health and facilitating discussions on emotional wellbeing and challenging subjects. People who have engaged with SAAFC content or attended our events have called SAAFC's work not "just vital" but "revolutionary," that our work "is truly appreciated and needed" and "makes [people] feel less alone."

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Organized by South Asian Americans For Change Inc
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