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Support KEDO in building a Health Clinic in Liberia

KEDO (Kpalo-bli Education and Development Organization)


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KEDO's Virtual Health Summit - Winter Edition to be announced!

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Check back regularly for announcements about our second Virtual Health Summit!

After the success of KEDO's first Virtual Health Summit this spring, where a host of health and wellness experts shared valuable healthy living knowledge and practices with our donors, we are excited to be planning a second Virtual Summit for this winter.

All proceeds will go towards the Health Clinic construction.


Childbirth which should be a beautiful thing and a joyful moment turns out to be a tragedy in the 21st century...In the most remote area in southeast Liberia where we have been working with the local communities, there have been far too many young women losing their lives in childbirth.

This has been occurring because there are little to no health care facilities and services available for these families.

We are losing young children to preventable childhood diseases. Families are unable to acquire the healthcare they so desperately need and deserve. What's really scary is that in these remote areas many of these tragedies go unreported. Therefore we cannot wait any longer, we need your help. We need your help so we can stop this nightmare.

❤️ KEDO Believes Together We Can Make a Difference!  ❤️

Kpalo-Bli Education and Development Organization  ('KEDO') has worked for 7 years to improve the lives of young impoverished children impacted by war-torn conditions in Sinoe County, Liberia, West Africa.

By providing a health clinic to this community we will be able to provide desperately needed health care services and save many lives.

With your donation and support, we'll be able to save many lives. Our goal is to raise $75,000 to build the health clinic to provide health care services for families in need. It is our vision to not only contribute to this community but to help bring hope to the lives of the innocent children and their families.

Please help us do that by:

1. Making a generous contribution. Please help us secure the future of these precious children and their families. No donation is too small or too big for this noble cause. (Tax-deductible in the USA).

2. Joining our fundraising team! Create your own fundraising portal on this page, or support us by volunteering behind the scenes with one of our virtual events! Contact us to hear more.

3. Telling your friends - and their friends - and anyone who is willing to listen. Please tell everyone you know that has a passion to bring change. Please share the link to this campaign on your social media as well.

We will be overjoyed and grateful if you can help us to accomplish this mission as this will help save a lot of lives that would be otherwise lost.


From Roseline Queh-Sarnor (Executive Director), the Board Members, and the rest of the KEDO Team.



Share Fundraiser


118 Supporters

14% of $75,000 goal

KEDO (Kpalo-Bli Education and Development Organization)

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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