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Help ensure our children receive consistent and quality early childhood care to set them up for a lifetime of success


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Help our children receive consistent and quality early childhood care.


Sandwich Children's Center (SCC) is on a mission to become an NAEYC accredited, best practice center in the field of Early Childhood. A staple in the community, SCC’s play-based, child-led, nature-inspired, family-centered model provides consistent and reliable care to families in Sandwich and surrounding towns. SCC's programming seeks to help families raise the next generation of socially responsible, compassionate, curious, and resilient children by providing an inclusive environment in which all children can learn and grow through play.

Times are tough, and we need your help.


SCC is working to be a forever institution in our town, allowing young families to round out our town citizenship with productive workers, and shapers of the future. But the state of early childhood care is in crisis. Hundreds of thousands of educators are leaving their jobs and the turnover rate for early childhood teachers is even higher (67% over 3 years).  SCC has navigated the past three years of COVID and our own staff turnover challenges. This has forced us to shorten childcare hours, cut programs, and pause enrollment for some families to make ratio's safe. 

Without childcare we cannot attract and keep young families, who are vital to the present and future of the town. Your contribution will make it possible for young families to settle, work, and stay here, bring their vital perspectives to the town, and assure its future. 

Join us in building a brighter future, one that is rooted in respect.


Now under new leadership, Kasia Beznoska and Sarah Love are navigating these challenges with grace and grit, with a laser focus on balancing quality education with consistent care. Inspired by RIE (Resources for Infant Educators; founded by Magda Gerber) which promotes immense respect for the child as an autonomous human being, SCC’s programs foster the development of the whole child and nurture their curiosity for learning about themselves, the natural world, and the communities around them. SCC's theme for the 2022-2023 school year is "Rooted in Respect", to underpin our commitment to raising a generation of children who are rooted in kindness, compassion, and love. 

What your donation will help us to do:


Hire an additional 1-2 educators, which will allow us to safely re-enroll families and increase the hours of care for working parents

- Increase staff salaries and provide benefits so that our educators feel and receive their worth

- Support in the critical renovation of the Toddler room to improve accessibility, functionality, visibility, and safety for all students and staff

Make a bigger impact!


Consider becoming a recurring monthly or quarterly supporter to ensure SCC's sustainability. Recurring donation help us keep a healthy supply of supplies for children (check out the Amazon wishlist to see the items we'd love to purchase). Each item is carefully selected to support our nature-inspired, play-based, child-led and anti-bias programming. 

Or perhaps instead of buying a material item, consider giving a donation to SCC in honor of, or as a gift for someone this holiday season.

Thank you! 


As a nonprofit, SCC could not operate without your generosity. Please consider the importance of the Children’s Center in this town, and make a gift that might help stave off our worst fears. We want to be a long-lasting learning program providing a healthy start for our youngest, and to always be here for parents who need to work outside or inside of their homes without divided attentions in order to remain in this town where we want them to stay. The children’s future depends on us and you.

We are forever thankful to the community of donors who have supported us over the years and helped to bring our vision of providing Sandwich, Center Harbor, Meredith and Moultonborough with quality and consistent care. 


Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


164 Supporters

68% of $100,000 goal

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