Stop the Cycle of Abuse Program

Exposing Narcopath Abuse One Survivor at a Time


Stop the Cycle Of Abuse Program (S.C.O.A.P.) will launch an in field training for Law Enforcement, Social Workers, Teachers, & Hospital Staff on the realities of Domestic Violence. The IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) Education Awareness Training Initiative will partner trained professionals in the psychological and medical field with actual survivors to highlight the signs of domestic abuse. There will be a strong focus on what a narcissist does to make their victim's look crazy or aggressive, and create a dismantling of their entire lives. S.C.O.A.P. also strives to support survivors in meaningful ways. Our goals are to set up centers that assist victims in rebuilding their lives after they have escaped. Often these victims have no identification, resources, housing, or support. We strive to guide them into a healthy, safe, and empowered life. S.C.O.A.P. will provide mediators where survivors are forced to co-parent with their abusers, mental health services, and safe housing options so they are not forced to return to their abusers. If you can't attend our events in person you can still be a part of our what we ar doing virtually. From attending our live feeds right here to supporting our efforts thru other ways we appreciate each and every one of you.
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