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* May 1st: We’ve been hard at work on ground in India. Here are some updates: 400 oxygen concentrators reached India on April 29th, and another 2,184 concentrators were shipped on the same day from the US. An additional 1,500 concentrators will be sent in the coming week. The first 400 oxygen concentrators are already in transit from Delhi to 7 different major airports in India. From here, the oxygen concentrators will go to 21 towns/remote places by road to Isolation/Quarantine Centers (managed by nurses), and to Covid-19 treatment centers (managed by doctors). Each oxygen concentrator helps a patient breathe for 3 days and can be used by another patient after that time period. We also have 800+ volunteers on the ground in India working around the clock to provide aid in India, and an additional 220+ volunteers in the US working to support our Covid-19 India Relief Efforts.

    *April 29th: We have raised our donation goal to $250,000. Thank you for all the support! Sewa has planned the distribution of concentrators via 21 nodal centers in 16 states. We have a team of 200+ volunteers in India right now working our Digital Help Desk, and 800+ volunteers are involved in deploying oxygen concentrators. We will be deploying oxygen concentrators across budget hospitals, Covid-19 care centers, NGO centers, and a few governmental hospital facilities. We are also in the process of arranging a 200 bed isolation center that will be available for sick individuals. Stay tuned for more news on our Instagram (click here) and Facebook (click here).

    * April 27th: Thanks to your generous donations, Sewa has shipped 400 oxygen concentrators to India which are set to arrive on Friday, April 30th. An additional 2000 oxygen concentrators have also been ordered and will be delivered via a special cargo plane to expedite delivery. Additionally, Sewa volunteers have been active on the ground in India in distributing essential kits. Visit our Facebook page here for more updates.


    The second wave of COVID-19 has engulfed India completely. 
    With India being a very populous country, the healthcare system is struggling to keep up as the number of cases exponentially rise every day. With more than 2,200 deaths just yesterday, and more than 2 Million active cases, this second wave requires an immediate response. As this gruesome disease is spreading and leaving no household untouched, the one thought that comes to each of us is how can we help from so far away? 

    This is a collective fight for everyone. 

    Sewa International's volunteers and team (500+, and growing) in India are actively serving in various forms. From building a digital help-desk for verified information to running information campaigns around plasma donations, to distributing essentials and supporting old-age homes and orphanages in these tough times. 

    Sewa is planning to distribute 10,000 units of essentials' kit across the nation, with a network of organizations, and serve 1,000 orphanages and old-age homes across major cities.

    $21 for each family essentials' kit (Ration, Basic Medicines, Masks, Sanitizers etc) 

    - $201 for community homes with 20-30 people, such as orphanages and old-age homes (Ration, Basic Medicines, Oximeter, Masks, Sanitizers etc.) 

    -$501 for oxygen concentrators which act like sleeves to concentrate the atmospheric air so patients get adequate oxygen. Oxygen specifically is in very, very short supply in India. These concentrators will save lives. We are about to ship 200 oxygen concentrators to India.

    Please consider donating. Every dollar counts!


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