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Social Distancing is a luxury for the world's poor.

COVID- 19 crisis has certainly increased social inequality. In rural areas of Colombia a vast amount of people depend on the daily income of informal jobs, which with the current lockdown and social distancing measures has been reduced and in some cases is non-existing.  Even though rural areas might be apparently "safer" from the virus, this situation triggers food insecurity and dangerous long term consequences such as malnutrition.

With your donation, these families would not need to compromise their safety anymore by risking themselves to go out to find a job to feed themselves and their families.

Basically, for the price you pay for a delivered meal, you can pay for a family’s food for a week.  Your money offers these families and the psychological and financial buffer to go through these uncertain times. 

How will your donations be used?

A basic bag of groceries that includes: beans, lentils, rice, oil, and some basic vegetables costs around 25USD for a family of 4 for a week. The team will assemble bags of groceries according to the size of the families and following social distancing measurements deliver those to the communities, reaching to those that we already know such as Isla de Leon and Gambote.

Our goal is to support 100 families. 


This is a 100% non-profit endeavor and the 3rd campaign (1st international) of the "Prevent by Helping" effort to mitigate the COVID-19 impact in vulnerable communities of rural Colombia. Click here to see how other campaigns have been funded and spent, we have served 5 communities already and will continue to make sure that your donation gets directly to the families in need. 

Also, follow us to see the results of your donation:

About Tierra Grata: Tierra Grata’s main goal is to mitigate social inequality by providing social technologies that ensure access to drinkable water, energy and sanitation in vulnerable rural communities. Now shifting gears to mitigate COVID 19 impact in these communities. See more details here



71 supporters

$2,500 goal

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