by Roxanna Mason


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Jacey Lange always wanted a love that was life-altering. After nearly a year of chance encounters and whirlwind romances, she discovered she had it all along in her best friend, Leon.

And just as she was about to spend her life with him... 

Leon made a confession.

There was a reason nearly every man she fell for seemed so familiar—and a reason her best friend of ten years refused to open up about his past. Leon not only has the ability to shapeshift into any kind of man she wants, but the ability to alter the very fabric of her reality.

This is definitely not the kind of life-altering love she had in mind.

While struggling to decide if she can accept the inconceivable truth about the man she loves, Jacey finds herself face to face with the past he's been running from—and a future neither of them anticipated.

How Pre-Orders Work:

By pre-ordering this novel, you're not only grabbing early access and first editions of a fantastic book—you're supporting an independent author by helping them bring their dreams, and their stories, to life.

When 750 pre-orders are made, the professional editorial process begins and our marketing team gets to work! Every book is edited, formatted, designed, and printed to meet the strict requirements of bookstore retail while preserving the unique creative voice and vision of the author.

$10 - Receive an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC), eBook, and exclusive behind-the-scenes updates from the author

$20 - Receive an ARC, eBook, paperback, and exclusive updates from the author

$60 - Receive an ARC, eBook, hardcover, exclusive updates, and a personal note from the author

$100 - Receive an ARC, eBook, autographed Special Edition hardcover, a personal note from the author, and your name included inside the Acknowledgements page of the book

Consistent updates will announce the pre-order progress, publication date, and distribution dates for each tier.

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