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Event Details

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ShowUP Montclair

Date & Time

Sat, November 7th 2020
8:00 PM EST

Add to Calendar 2020-11-07 20:00:00 America/New_York ShowUP Montclair


This event will be hosted digitally.

Details to view the event are private and will be provided upon ticket purchase.


We were fully prepared to launch the second iteration of our fierce award-winning talent battle, Showdown Montclair, when we realized that we are already in a Showdown. 

Amidst a global pandemic and the uprising of a national movement for racial justice, we are deep in the fight to provide quality education and whole-child support for all of the children in our town.  

It is fair to say we LOVE a good competition. MFEE’s FundRacers and our past Showdown brought out the beast in our participants (and our organizers)!

But as we shoulder this current uphill climb together, now is not the time to compete. Now is not the time to Showdown. Now is the time to SHOW UP.

This November, MFEE presents ShowUP Montclair - an inspiring, interactive evening of local and exceptional performers and stories that will highlight the power of the arts to uplift the community and the power of the arts to empower and support the emotional and educational growth of our students. 

Please join us on November 7th ---- as we highlight the incredible talent in Montclair and share some of the success stories of our schools. Come see about Arts Open Hearts, our initiative to provide programming for our students’ social, emotional, and mental health through spoken word coaching, ballroom dance residencies and other innovative educational ideas we have and will continue to fund and cultivate.  

And don't miss the exclusive pre-party event - Mix it Up before you ShowUP!  Enjoy an exclusive private pre-performance, and because we always need a little more competition, join an interactive cocktail mixing battle and help decide the winner,

We have done it before. Let’s do it again. Let’s show up for the kids of Montclair. 


Surprise Faculty Act received a new donation from Algar family

1 week ago


Thank you MFEE! Montclair is so much brighter because of what you do for the community.

Premiere Dance Theatre received a new donation from Grammy and Grampy

1 week ago


Great job Sienna and the whole Premier Dance Troupe! We love you!

Elena Tapper made a donation

2 weeks ago


The Hyltones received a new donation from ABE-FOODS

2 weeks ago


Laura Marchese & Michael Estes made a donation

2 weeks ago


We love MFEE!

Noah Gale received a new donation from The Tehranians

3 weeks ago


Love how much you do for our schools!

Julie Hamburg made a donation

3 weeks ago


So sorry we missed what I hear was an amazing event! Thanks for all of the great work you’re doing for our schools!

Scott Stein received a new donation from Jill Sack and Nisha Gandhi

3 weeks ago


Awesome magic trick!! Thank you for your support of Buzz and MFEE!

Surprise Faculty Act received a new donation from The Williams Family

3 weeks ago


It was great seeing all the teachers, faculty and staff, especially those from Nishuane!

Dave Harrison received a new donation from Kate and James Stanford

3 weeks ago


Mike Burke received a new donation from Kate and James Stanford

3 weeks ago


Scott Stein received a new donation from Kate and James Stanford

3 weeks ago


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