Project GROWS 2021 Solstice Celebration and Appeal

As the solstice arrives, we want to stop and take a moment to extend our gratitude and reflect on the amazing community members and supporters of Project GROWS.


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Project GROWS



Extending Our Gratitude

While the solstice encourages us to take time to reflect on all that is going on around us, we are simultaneously working through our busiest season at the farm -- all of which could not be possible without the incredible support from our community members! We want to take this opportunity to say thank you! While the farm may not have time to rest, our Summer Solstice Giving Appeal is our way of taking a pause. A pause to recognize the privilege of the work we do with you and the people we are privileged to work with and serve.

Our mission would not be possible without the constant and unwavering dedication of our community!

As we pause to say thank you, we invite you to consider making a gift in support of our shared work in food justice, food and environmental education and building accessible food systems for all. We invite any donation you feel reflects your passion for this work. Thank you for your sustaining support and dedication in this work to enhance food security and public health, along with youth education, by providing our Giving Appeal with greater opportunities to grow healthy youth of all ages!

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