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The heartbreaking reality is there are 153 million orphaned and approximately 385 million children living in extreme poverty around the globe. In South Africa, this is widespread due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region, Covid deaths, other diseases including waterborne illness and malnutrition. Currently, there are 3.5 million orphaned children in South Africa, which is why Mom’s House is working tirelessly to improve the lives of these beautiful children. Right now, we want to support over 5,000 orphans and vulnerable children in the Mpumalanga Region of South Africa.

There are three projects we have in place where you can help us in our effort of providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for these orphaned and vulnerable children. There are 3 phases to this effort in each village we work currently, and will scale to more communities as we expand our efforts. 

1.  Clean Water: This is step one. Clean water changes everything! No longer are the children sick from dirty water, or missing school to collect water. It is the most essential need in every community in this region.  The minute we strike "liquid gold", the community works together to prepare the adjacent land for its own farming initiative. Growing food has become one of our most successful projects and now have added this to every future site and community we partner with.
2.  Immediately, upon the successful installation of a bore hole, we build environmentally friendly, waterless sanitation facilities, which is the first of its kind in the area. 

3. Moms House Dream Center - our final phase is the construction and implementation of a state-of-the-art, multipurpose Center that will facilitate the care, nurture and safe haven for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the community. The children come here daily for HIV medications, daily meals, tutoring with homework, agriculture classes, skills training, college prep, computer skills building and more. This Center will also provide a meeting place for the tribal elders of the village, outreach for senior care, movie nights, guest speakers and other enrichment opportunities.

Enrichment Programs 


Enrichment programs within Mom's House for Children will be an additional chance to provide education and life skills to the lives of those we support. This project also provides basic necessities that are not available through the countries education system, which includes extra tutoring, English classes, computer classes, job skills training, and college prep. This program also includes uniforms, new shoes and other childhood necessities.

Food Supply and Sustainable Farming Initiative


This project provides food and water for one childcare facility in a village, for an entire year. There are 300+ children that are housed and fed in a facility, and food is essential. Our food program will provide nourishing meals to all children who visit our Mom's House Care Center. In conjunction with food supply deliveries, we establish large farms for a sustainable solution and to provide healthy meals so the children can thrive.

Moms House Dream Center

The child care facilities in South Africa are our main project and need for the vulnerable and orphaned children. Building a center where they receive HIV medications for those that are positive, nurture, care, tutoring, grief and trauma counseling, healthy meals, safe place to play, with enrichment programs and innovation, is the most amazing facility in the region. There are hundreds and thousands of villages that require this same assistance. 



0 Supporters

0% of $200,000 goal

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