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Educate 300 rural preschoolers in Ghana a year.

We are inviting you to join this partnership to ensure the cost of uniform, books and primary health care are covered for 300 girls this year.

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10% of $136,500 goal

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“As a young girl, my dream was to become a nurse. That never happened, unfortunately. But I hope Cocoa360's Girl School will provide my daughters a fighting chance at their dreams.”

Before - 2018

“I am very happy that my daughters are now on the right path to fulfilling their dreams. Hopefully, one of them achieves what I couldn’t: become a nurse! I am also happy to have formally joined the Cocoa360 team as a facilitator in the pre-school division. I look forward to working with Cocoa360 to create change in my family, community, country, and beyond”

After - 2021

#455 for Adom is a seed for a future Cocoa360 partner school in your community or another near you.

Make history. Join a national and global experiment that is scalable in your community.

So far, our digital innovation: “Farm Labor Card”, enables parents' labor hours to meet the non-tuition cost component for their pre-schoolers, as partnerships with generous donors like you meet the tuition cost component. A later partnership with governments will mean scaling this model into Ghana’s 1300 cocoa-growing communities and beyond.

With a $455 donation, you will support a sustainable model of rural development with the capacity of scaling into your community.

The cost of education:

The cost of sending a student to TBGS for one year is $455 or 4,550 GHC. That means it costs just $38 or 380 GHC a month to empower a student with quality early childhood education.

Other Ways to Donate

1. Mobile Money -

(MTN): 0247140112
Name on Account: Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance

2. Check/Cheque Pick-up -

Our development team will be more than happy to pick up a check directly from you. 

Contact Person: Andrew Adjei (Chief Development Officer) 054 971 3344; [email protected]

3. Local bank account -
Name of Bank: Prudential Bank Ltd
Branch: RRC Branch
GHS Account number: 0092913650019
USD Account Number: 0092913650028
Beneficiary: Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance

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43 Supporters

10% of $136,500 goal


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