Sports Programs

Sports is one of Shinobi's 3 main interests. That's why Shinobi has partnered with Dojodai to empower kids and adolescents with all the positive tools that Japanese martial arts brings. Dojodai is a Shotokan Karate and Aikido association founded in Pétion-Ville, Haiti in 2008. Apart from specializing in spreading and teaching Shotokan Karate in schools, Dojodai has launched many other innovations, initiatives and activities that have helped make it the country's leader in the field :

1. Our Main Karate Competitions

Launch in 2010 of SM (Shotokan Masters), Dojodai's 1st Inter-Association Karate Tournament, held in July.
Launch in 2012 of SMS (Shotokan Masters Scolaire), the 1st interscholastic Karate championship in Haiti, held in May.
Launch in 2016 of SMQ (Shotokan Masters Qualification), Dojodai's 1st interclub qualifying tournament, held in January.
Launch in 2018 of SMF (Shotokan Masters Féminin) organized in March around the international women's rights day, Dojodai's 1st tournament exclusively for girls.

2. Our Main Initiatives
Launch in 2011 of the "Bushidai" initiative to support the annual school tuition of our most talented Karate students whose parents cannot afford it.
Launch in 2014 the "Girls Don't Pay" initiative to promote the participation of more girls in Karate competitions.
Launch in 2021 of "Budoka Magazine", the first martial arts magazine in Haiti (quarterly publication).
Launch in 2022 of the 1st "Academy of Arbitration" in Haiti for the training of aspiring judges and referees of Karate Shotokan.

3. Our Main Activities
Launch in 2009 of ShotoCAMP, the first spring and summer camp exclusively for Karate in Haiti, organized in April and/or July.
Launch in 2013 of the "Warrior of Light Award" to honor personalities with a minimum of 25 years of contribution to the Haitian community in the field of Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Education, Sport, and of the Sports Press. Award ceremony is held every 5 years.
Launch in 2016 of the "Spartan Retreat", the 1st annual training camp for Karate instructors and assistant instructors in Haiti, organized in August.
Launch in 2018 of the "100 Kata Trial" to celebrate World Karate Day on June 17th.

4. Our Main Aikido Activities
Launch in 2009 of "AikiCAMP", the first exclusive Aikido camp in Haiti. The date of organization varies.
Launch in 2016 of "Aikido Masters", the first international Aikido seminar in Haiti. The date of organization varies according to the availability of the Master who leads the seminar.
is affiliated (# 311520) to the National Karate Federation of Haiti (Fédération Nationale de Karaté d'Haïti - FNKH) which is the official body governing the practice of Karate in the Republic of Haiti.

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