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Organized by Kenda Zellner-Smith

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Save The Boards is a grass roots community based project dedicated to the accessibility and long term preservation of plywood art murals & messages created in response to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

What We Believe

We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about police brutality, the power of protest, and the healing social justice art provides us with. Protest boards and plywood murals created in response to the murder of George Floyd DO NOT belong to anyone person or business.

This art would not exist without black murder.

What We Do

Save the Boards collects, documents, and redistributes these visual pieces of our cities history, back into community spaces, so that they may continue to serve as reminders of the undeniable strength of our community through continued reflection, creative expression, and the visual story telling these works of art allow us to take in. 


Objectively provide access to sustainable long-term multimedia based Minneapolis protest art. Save the Boards believes in community collaborations and idea-sharing, such that we may continue to use Minneapolis boards and murals as tools of learning, healing and reflection long after the physical pieces begin deteriorate and or transition into their next phase of life.


Explore extended reality as an alternative means of facilitating conversations focused on the power and significance social justice protest art provides us with. We believe this can be done by creating intentional virtual spaces and experiences where the boards and murals of Minneapolis can exist in, long after the physical pieces deteriorate past use.


Expense Breakdown



Physical / Digital Labor
Scaffolding Equipment
Storage Facility Rental
City permits


  • Costs Associated With Labor / Contract Work
  • Structural / Electrical Engineer for events
  • Other


Costs Associated With Climate Controlled Storage Space, Rent, & Utilities


  • Sales / Advertising Expenses


Fabrication Costs

  • Artist Fees (During events)
  • Facilities / Equipment Costs
  • Administration Fees
  • Physical Archiving Materials and Supplies
  • Digital Archiving Materials and Supplies
  • Costs Associated With Collecting & Hosting Digital Content


Truck / Trailer Rental 

  • Board Pick Ups
  • Transportation of Boards for Events



  • Hidden Costs


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Kenda Zellner-Smith