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About St. Clare Catholic School

St. Clare Catholic School is a community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni committed to the total education of our students grades Pre-K - Eighth.  In over 150 years of the school's operation, we have educated over 3,500 students who have made a positive change to the world around them.

St. Clare Catholic School is a ministry of our three parish communities: St. Nicholas Parish, Corpus Christi Parish, St. Clare of Assisi Parish. We are a leading educator of students with spiritual formation at our core.

About Our Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

The Raffle Ticket Fundraiser is one of St. Clare School’s three main fundraisers. These fundraisers account for about 10% of our school’s total budget. The money earned in this fundraiser goes directly into the school’s operating budget.

We have set a goal for the Raffle Ticket Fundraiser that is based on the approved school budget. We hope to sell: 2,250 tickets which would put $45,000 directly into St. Clare School’s Budget.

How It Works

Raffle tickets are sold for $20 each. Each raffle ticket will be eligible for a weekly drawing of $25 (2 tickets drawn per week). In addition, we will draw a ticket twice a month for $50; twice a year for $250; and once during Catholic Schools week for $500! Winners will be announced in our weekly newsletter. Each ticket is eligible to win more than once. Once a ticket is drawn, it will be re-entered for the next drawing. 

Want to buy more than 10 tickets? Just checkout twice! 

Have questions? Please email [email protected]

Thank you for supporting St. Clare Catholic School!

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1.1k supporters

$45,000 goal

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