Street Medics Austin (SMA) was created in response to an increase in protest related injuries observed during the Black Lives Matter and police brutality protests in May 2020. We coordinated and provided free medical care services and resources to ensure the safety of everyone in our community over the weeks and months during and after the protests.

Since then, we have provided a vital support role for various other movements and actions – both local and in other parts of Texas – as individuals and as a group. Today, we continue to provide free medical services in situations that are difficult to serve for traditional institutions – protests, disaster areas, and under-served communities, including regular unhoused outreach across Austin. We also contribute to state-wide and country-wide mutual aid networks, providing coordination support, volunteers, and supplies to organisations in need during natural disasters and civil unrest.

Street Medics Austin

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 88-3680445