Street Paws

Improving the lives of animals living on the streets of Georgia


Any animal we come across who finds themselves without a home will not go hungry or unloved. When funds and space allow, Street Paws will take the homeless animal under our wing, notify the proper authorities, network them and try to find them a new home. We will care for and provide comfort and aid to homeless pets in a variety of ways. If the animal is tame, we will network to find a home for them. If the animal is feral, we will feed and care for the animal in their own environment. Every action will be taken to provide the animal(s) with a proper diet and bedding. Spaying and neutering these ferals is of great importance to us. We will do what we can to ensure the feral population will be kept to a minimum. We also seek to educate pet owners about the importance of spaying and neutering, annual vaccinations and the importance of a true commitment to their pet as a family member to help ensure their pet does not become another homeless statistic as well.
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Street Paws

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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