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Sweet Afton Staff Fund




Sweet Afton has seen many things over its 10 years in Astoria, but nothing like this past 10 days. It has left us scrambling to find ways to support our team during the difficult and unpredictable weeks and months that lie ahead.

We’re hopeful that we can come together and do what’s necessary to make it through this uncertain time.

We’re offering guests the opportunity to help our team members, by purchasing drinks, exclusive merchandise, and event tickets that are redeemable when we reopen for business. 100% of all proceeds from your orders will go towards supporting our staff members that are in most need of support.

We look forward to reopening our doors once given the opportunity, and to welcoming back our friends and loyal patrons once more. We can’t wait for that moment, and when it comes, we’ll be ready raise a glass together with you.

Thank you for your support & stay safe,

Sweet Afton.

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Sweet Afton Staff Fund