Swimmers for Change

Olympians, Paralympians, and National Team athletes supporting the Black Lives Matter movement


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Please specify your chosen charity in the the comments along with your donation.

 Each webinar will be dedicated to a specific charity (to give you some ideas!) For donations not specified, we will divide the aggregate amount amongst all targeted organizations.

“Swimmers for Change” officially launched by Lia Neal, Jacob Pebley and 30 Olympic, Paralympic and National Team athletes. 

 Swimmers for Change  is a grassroots movement involving over 30 Olympic, Paralympic, and US National team athletes. The goal is to provide a platform for the swimming community to contribute towards raising awareness and support for the Black Lives Matter movement and combating systemic racism in the U.S. 

The two Olympians have led the efforts to mobilize over 30 U.S. Olympic, Paralympic and National Team athletes, past and present, to volunteer their time and expertise to the swimming audience by hosting two weeks of daily live webinar shows. 

The programs will run from June 15 to June 26 and cover a range of topics including athlete nutrition, mental health, leadership, how to be a leader in your community, life balance, technique advice, plus Q&A and live workout sessions.

Swimmers for Change will be broadcast live each day from 11am to 12pm PDT on the CG Sports Network and live streamed through the SwimmingWorld/ISHOF Facebook page. Swimmers can subscribe and receive the entire two week package for free.

Each show will have a dedicated charity selected by Swimmers For Change where audiences can show their support through donations. Swimmers For Change apparel will be available for purchase and proceeds will go to support charities with the mission of supporting black communities. 


NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Equal Justice Initiative 


Innocence Project

Trident Swim Foundation

Know Your Rights Camp

Loveland Foundation


Conscious Kid

Raised Roots

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89 supporters

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