Oak Knoll Neighborhood Improvement Association

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OKNIA Annual Membership Dues

Welcome to the Oak Knoll Neighborhood Improvement Association donation page. Thank you for your interest in either (1) becoming a member, (2) paying your annual membership fee, or (3) making a donation toward our cause.

We are a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation serving the Oak Knoll, Eastmont Hills, and King Estate Neighborhoods in Oakland, CA.

Our Mission is to:

(1) enhance the livability of the community by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among neighbors, government agencies, and other neighborhoods,

(2) provide a process by which all neighborhood members may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood, and

(3) increase the visibility and voice of the homeowners and tenants in matters related to the betterment of the neighborhood.

Visit our website, https://oknia.org/, for more information

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