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Thank you for your support of the Green Mountain Theatre Boosters and your generous donation to the Theatre program at Green Mountain. Performing Arts enrich the lives of our community's students by boosting their confidence, teaching them how to work as a team toward a common goal, helping them gain perseverance, and showing them how to become critical thinkers.

The Theatre Club at Green Mountain High School is funded through your generosity. In a typical year, our students put on fall play, a spring musical, and a comprehensive theatre play. Students all pay a fee to participate, but it does not fully offset the costs necessary for a theatre program. Costs such as royalties, costumes, props, choreographers -- even bobby pins -- are covered with the help from the community.  

This year, with the pandemic has been particularly challenging but the Theatre Department has tried to give the students as many opportunities as possible under the circumstances.   Your donation will offset costs incurred this year for the fall and spring productions and provide stability of the program for next year as well.


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