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General Donations

By investing in My Story Matters, you are not just supporting a project; you are becoming a vital partner in our mission to create lasting, positive change in the lives of thousands of individuals. We firmly believe that with your support, we can truly help others achieve the transformation they creating. 

Mike's Tier: One of our justice involved participants has a vision of helping the homeless community upon being released from prison. Rather than waiting until he gets out to begin he has decided to do what he can from the inside. He donates $50 a month (which is a full weeks salaray for him) by sending us a check so the money can be used to help the homelesss! WOW!!! Can you match Mike's $50 a month donation?


Ilene's Tier: Ilene is a 93 year old woman who read about the work we do in a newspaper a few years ago. She knew she wanted to get involved so she holds a Bunco group twice a month and donated the kitty to our organization every month, which was often close to $500. Could you do something similar to help raise money to donate?


Thank you for your generosity. We are grateful for the impact your donation will have as we continue to be a catalyst for lasting transformation.


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