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TCNE is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the state of Massachusetts with offices in Waltham, Massachusetts. TCNE’s primary mission is that of being a social and support club for transgender peoples in the New England region. We strive to provide the following:

  • A confidential, respectful and safe physical location so that members can be who they are as they best feel comfortable doing. Members and visitors can express their true gender in the way most comfortable for them. You don’t even have to attend crossdressed! You can come to TCNE and change in our ample changing and makeup areas.

  • A social support network to provide transgender men and women with peer based social support.

  • A place for spouses and partners to express their feelings and gain support from people in similar circumstances
  • Opportunities for education regarding, Gender Dysphoria, transexuality, living bi-gender, crossdressing, transitioning, being transfeminine or transmasculine, and many other topics that are important to transgender people.

  • Social activities for fun.

  • Opportunities for members to help and serve others in the Greater Boston community as themselves through volunteering and assisting to organize and present various educational and social activities.

  • Referral services to therapists and other professionals trained in gender dysphoria issues, crossdressing, transgender, transexual and related issues.

  • Connection to other social and support organizations helping to support transgender persons in New England and throughout the United States.



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Trans Club of New England