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Michael Lee Brown Memorial Fund

In memory of the of the man who could never imagine saying anything but "How can I help you? to everyone he met


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At 3:00 pm on Thursday December 1st,  we will dedicate the Annual Medicine Wheel,  Day Without Art /World AIDS Day 24 Vigil  to Michael Lee Brown's Memory.  

Boston Center for the Arts, 

539 Tremont Street 

Boston, MA 02116 

 I met Michael Brown shortly after he moved to Boston over 40 years ago.  Whether near or far  he was also close, heart to heart soul to soul  He was with me 31 years ago when we began to honor the unspeakable with our Annual World AIDS Day Vigil.  


In 1992 he carried a beautiful box of peppercorns to leave at the wheel honoring the spice  of life.  Four years later he carried the ashes of his partner Bob Georgio.   In July of 2004 he lost his love Tommy Porier.  

in a phone call the week before he died, I asked him how did we survive the loss and the grief of those dying years.  His response was direct; "We had no choice!' he told me. 

Michael was on the founding board of Medicine Wheel , now known as SPOKE.  He knew more then most that we are all SPOKES on the wheel and that if one spoke is broken the wheel is incomplete. 


This week I install the 31 st World AIDS Vigil and dedicate it to Michael Lee "Trudy" Brown.  In this age of multiple pandemics the work is more urgent than ever. 

Thank you for loving him. 


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8 Supporters


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