Tarot For Self-Discovery and Healing

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 @ 2 PM EST

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Tarot For Self-Discovery and Healing

Sunday from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

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The tarot can be used to reveal our well-being and psychological state. The tarot works with universal symbols deep in one's subconscious. The symbols or pictures trigger thoughts, responses, and emotions. There is also believed to be a collective subconscious that all human beings are connected to and we influence each other. These symbols or images are known as archetypes. Images with typical meanings widely shared with many people, often inherited.

Some archetypes are beneficial, where others are disadvantageous. The tarot allows the conscious mind to see certain patterns. We can then disconnect from certain archetypes and choose new archetypes that can improve our lives. The tarot may reveal that some people are dealing with lack of self-love, self-doubt, victimhood, fear, or addiction. It can also reveal desires, joy, talents, gifts, dreams, needs, and goals. The tarot helps people to accept both the negative and positive aspects of themselves, resulting in spiritual and practical development.

Many people associate the Tarot with fortune telling, however, it can be used as guide or map of consciousness. The tarot can be compared to a puzzle. Looking at individual pieces and deciding where they fit in the big picture. The tarot user is not predicting the future but tapping into their higher self to find answers and outcomes.

The class will include learning how to read spreads, journaling with the tarot, and meditating with the tarot.

The suggested donation is $10.00. Adults Only.

The online class is for beginners to intermediate. A zoom link will be emailed immediately after payment.

This class will be hands-on. We encourage you to bring¬†a tarot deck with the typical 78 cards. No oracle cards please. Participants can also attend without a deck. Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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