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MFEE's Teacher Tributes

Honor those who make a difference!


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Teacher Tributes!

Can't host or attend a Toast but still want to honor your teacher while funding educational innovation? Give a Teacher Tribute!

100% of your donations on this page will fund our fall 2023  Educational Excellence grants awarded to school staff.


When you donate to honor a teacher, you fuel their innovative ideas in the classroom and acknowledge how much they do for our kids. Grants are often a bright spot for our teachers - a chance to have their professionalism, creativity and magic enriched, funded and acknowledged.

Donate ANY amount, and your teacher will receive a handwritten card about your donation in their honor with a special message you provide!

If you donate $250, we will treat the teacher or staff member to $25 gift card! We'll send a gift certificate with a special handwritten thank you message you provide - and a thank you from MFEE for inspiring you to donate so generously in their honor.

If you donate $500 and up, we will send your teacher a $50 Gift Card with a special thank you message from you or create a unique video montage for him/her that includes photos from the class (you choose).  


Here are just a few of the innovative resources that your donations help fund:

$25 Class libraries with updated books to reflect our town's diversity

$50 Math manipulatives and games to make learning math fun

$75 Hokki Stools to Increase Student Focus

$100 Breakout Edu Kits to foster Collaborative, Deep Learning

$250 Document cameras to facilitate class-wide engagement

$500 A small group set of finches, bee bots, and other coding tools

$1,000 Enrichment materials for using a multi-sensory approach to teach reading

$2,000 Cutting edge biology and physics equipment to increase hands-on learning


Share Fundraiser


6 Supporters

3% of $7,000 goal

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