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The world sucks right now.
Luckily, we’re supporting the people making it better.

Whether it’s musicians getting us to sing or cry in our kitchens,
Writers that let us remember,
Filmmakers that let us forget,
Educators that are reworking and rethinking curriculum,
Advocacy groups and policy writers finally transforming criminal justice,
Organizations making sure people have homes, have food, have a future through this all –
It’s creativity that carries us through.

And it’s the creative leap that works to transform, challenge and inspire us, that needs support.
Especially now. That’s what we support at Holes in the Wall Collective. Through all of our work.

Donate now with as little or lot as you can.
And we’ll turn it into the center for creative research reflection & action.
100 miles from NYC, with everything ready to go and grow.
To support the people and organization working to transform, challenge and inspire us.
Those working in the crisis and those with the vision to make it not start in the first place.

We’ll get there, spoonful by spoonful, with your help.

Even better: donate in someone's name whose work inspires you and invite them to pass it on.

Then take a dive into our website. It goes deep with what we’ve done for the last six years and where we’re going for the next twenty. Or if you just want some answers, keep scrolling.

Holes in the Wall Collective is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and have been active in the five boroughs of NYC and rural PA for six years. We have reached over 6,000 people with our programming, hosted over 140 creative residents and produced more than 30 public engagements.

Here's the property.  It's 100 acres, 100 miles from NYC with two houses and a view of five states.


JOIN in. SHARE it. POST it. SPOON it.

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We'll grow our goal every week until we get there
(and for you math nerds we're following the Fibonacci sequence)
Goal: $4,000 ✓ Goal: $7,000 ✓ Goal: $12,000 ✓ Next Goal: $20,000



Who we are?
We're a creative nonprofit working to rebalance – giving people and organizations working creatively time, space and a platform, and giving the public another vantage to engage what's important in their lives.  We host residency programs, public events and social campaigns.  We’re like a residency meets an incubator meets a cultural institution meets a joybody on the dance floor getting everyone to dance.  We don’t just do one thing, serve one group, or work in one place, on purpose.  We are a container built to hold multitudes and move with the times.  We're Holes in the Wall Collective.

Why is it important?
We believe fostering creativity and giving time and space to it might be the most necessary and radical thing we can do right now.  Many of the world's systems and structures are out of balance; but across every sector, there are people who are looking to transform what exists in education, science, policy, justice, and artists– those who inspire us, challenge us and get us to see and feel things we wouldn’t have otherwise.  We give time and space out of their contexts and to converge with people outside their fields and identities that challenge and expand their ideas.  And we're building a space to support work with as many representations of people & ideas as possible.  That's what we do best.

What is the money for?
100% of the funds raised will go towards building the Holes in the Wall Collective Center for Creative Research, Reflection and Action.  We have the opportunity to purchase a property in Napanoch NY, 100 miles from NYC.  If we can buy it outright, we can assure our programs are accessible, our space is collective, our ethos remains unwavering.  This will allow us to continue our programs, offer residencies to organizations and people who are already doing the work and develop future programs with Youth and Elder parterships, cross-pollinating feedback fellowships and experimental farming incubations.

Why does a small non-profit need a million dollars?
Our operating costs are considerably low for our creative output, but we need this one capital push to ensure we have space to make it all happen.  You can’t make a soup without a pot or grow a garden without the ground.  If we start with a dedicated space, everything else can become sustainable– plus we won’t have to spend our time chasing money and can instead focus on the work.

But there is so much that needs my help– why should I give to anything other than the election or racial equity or climate disasters or the post office or (insert crisis)?
Giving to Holes in the Wall Collective is giving to the most pressing issues at hand by supporting those that are responding to and transforming the crisis as well as those that are creating despite it.  We support those on the ground putting out the fires, like through our CSA program highlighting 12 organizations each year, and those working creatively in all fields, through our residencies and programs both on the land and in the city, to help “build new models that make the old ones obsolete.”  We believe we have to support both, simultaneously.  Give to the fire and to the future.

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