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10,000 Reasons Campaign

This is the Big One! We are tracking our progress toward a million dollars.


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1 year 10 months remaining

Organized by Camp Northward


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What is 10,000 Reasons? 

10,000 Reasons is Camp Northward's capital campaign. We are fundraising over the course of the next four years. The goal is to raise one million dollars. This amount will secure us a loan to break ground on the next phase of the camp's expansion.

Why "10,000 Reasons"?

You've heard the song, right? "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, oh my soul..."

We have so many reasons to be thankful to God for the work that has already been done at Camp Northward and church camps all over the world. We want to approach this campaign with that air of thankfulness and focus on what is most important: God's glory. This title was chosen intentionally through much prayer and preparation. You can read more about why we chose this campaign title in our "About" document. 

10,000 Reasons - About


Camp Northward's Mission

Camp Northward exists to encourage, strengthen and equip individuals for personal growth in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The goals of the 10,000 Reasons campaign are meant to be aligned with this mission first and foremost, always.


What projects will the 10,000 Reasons Campaign cover?

There are several. While some of the different pieces are always in flux, the number one priority of the expansion is to renovate and expand the Pavilion to include a kitchen, permanent staff offices, additional meeting spaces, storage and more. Other projects include highway signage, better and more inclusive camp accessibility, and transportation needs. We also would love to have a deeper well of camp scholarship funds so that every child has the opportunity to attend Camp Northward. 

Project Catalogue [coming soon!]

This catalogue is currently in its draft stage. Once it's done, you will be able to see some of the most pressing needs covered under the 10,000 Reasons campaign as well as potential costs.

Why Camp? 

There are so many reasons that camp, the outdoors, and in particular, Christian camp experiences are relevant and badly needed in our communities. We prepared some slides with a few of the most compelling arguments. Please share these statistics and examples with your churches and communities as you discuss the future of our nation's church camps. 

Why Camp? - Slides


Watch our infographic fill in as we raise the first $110,000! So far we have raised a little over $10,000. Be sure to check in often to view our progress! Want to mark the progress along with us? You can get this Kitchen Challenge as a blank coloring page! 

Kitchen Challenge - Coloring Page

Print it out, stick it on your fridge, fill it out with us, pray for us! 


What Can I Do?

Camp Northward is blessed to be part of the kind of community that hears about the immediate needs and responds with, "Okay - how can I help?" We appreciate this helping spirit and want to honor it by making it as simple as possible to join our campaign. Here are four ways you can join this campaign:

Give - this is the simplest and most straightforward one. You can give a donation, however large or small, to this campaign. You can also reach out to other potential donors and share our story.

*Note: If preferred, you can also give cash or make a check directly to the camp. Contact the office or Director Nathan Derico if you have any questions.

Share - sharing is just as important as giving. You do not have to give a single cent if it is not the right step for you; but do you have the gift of sharing or influencing? Could you share our story with a group, your family, your church, or on your social media channels? Could you organize a fundraising team? There are many ways to share.

Serve - many people choose to give Camp Northward their time rather than finances alone. This is incredible and should not in any way be underestimated. Every summer, we see adults and teens alike sacrifice their free time to serve as counselors and deans at camp. Sometimes individuals serve as our camp nurse or take on additional responsibilities, such as during Special Needs sessions. Throughout the school year, volunteers organize and take on service projects. We have had many new volunteer groups this year and look forward to seeing new faces in the upcoming seasons!

Pray - we saved the most important step for last. Will you pray for Camp Northward and alongside us? We made a list of some of the areas that we would love to cover in prayer. Consider printing out this card and interceding for the camp in your quiet time. We believe that prayer is powerful and that prayer changes life. More than anything, we believe God is sovereign and that His will is what will come to pass, always.


Father God, we thank you. Please be with us as we go on this journey for growth and expansion. We thank you for the gifts we have already received. We thank you that we have a beautiful campus to share with the community and for the lives that you change and touch while there. We thank you for the gift of nature and the outdoors. We pray for gentleness, wisdom and compassion in all we do. Amen.


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1 year 10 months remaining


174 Supporters

12% of $1,000,000 goal

Camp Northward

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