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Local news needs your support

The Day is a locally owned and operated independent media company, part of a vanishing breed in the United States. We are dedicated to delivering local, independent, reliable and accountable journalism.

The Day is owned by a split-interest trust, which operates the company and supports the Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation. This arrangement ensures that the newspaper will remain independent and that profits from the newspaper will be distributed to nonprofit organizations that help needy children, families and individuals and that support the arts. Since its inception, the foundation has distributed more than $12 million.

The coronavirus crisis has brought local economies to near standstill, and traditional media advertising along with them. That new financial challenge means local, independent news organizations like The Day must fight for their own survival while continuing to provide important local news and information as a public service during this unprecedented situation.

If you believe local news and information are critical, especially during this crisis, please donate to this new fund to help keep us on the job.

Your contributions will help us continue to cover the pandemic and its impact on the communities, organizations and businesses of southeastern Connecticut.

The funding will help us provide the staff and resources needed to keep track of all the COVID-19 information and data being released, ensuring you get the latest, most critical local news.

While we continue to cover the pandemic, rest assured in knowing that our journalists will continue to fulfill their role as a vigilant watchdog for our readers' interests. Our job is to ensure freedom of information is not just an expression, but a mission to keep our community informed.

All donations to this fund are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support of The Day during this critical time.

The Day COVID-19 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable trust affiliated with Local Media Association. LMF is raising funds for educational activities; specifically, to educate the public on COVID-19 issues. LMF is providing funds to this news organization and many others to support this important educational project. All money raised by this effort will go directly to support COVID-19 reporting, to make sure the public has essential facts on this important topic.

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814 supporters

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