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Dear Patrons and Supporters,

I want to thank you so much for your support. When I first began speaking out in 2018 I knew I would eventually have to go public, but I needed the safety of anonymity to begin building a support base and my repertoire of work. Your consistent generosity enabled me to build an untouched seed and security fund that enabled me to come out of anonymity and envision how to advance my work towards more serious endeavors. Unfortunately Patreon delivered the latest blow to my free speech last week by suspending my account for “hate speech” and seizing the entirety of my untouched seed and security money that I was saving on Patreon. You may have received a series of emails and payments into your account as Patreon returned these funds back to my supporters. Therefore, while your support enabled me to never ask for money before, I am now in a position where I must reach out to you directly and attempt to regain some of the funds that Patreon seized from me. As I am asking you to rekindle your support for me in new ways I also want to take this opportunity to tell you about all the work I have been doing that you may or may not be aware of.

Since 2018, I have produced over 20 videos on my main Youtube channel and backup account, made 500+ original infographic and multimedia designs shared freely on Instagram, started and self-designed a full website (www.thedeprogrammer.com). I have lent my time, skills, and experience to support countless women, parents, and events. I was a core organizer to bring over 200 women to protest Biden's Executive Order on Gender Identity in DC, and a featured speaker at the Sovereign Women public speaking event in Seattle. I organized two separate protests at the Mt. Sinai and NYU Langone Gender Clinics in NYC that both perform dangerous and medically unnecessary "gender affirmation" surgeries on minors. In the last year I have expanded my work into a new project, Stop Female Erasure (www.stopfemaleerasure.com) which in addition to providing free original research and resources is focused on collaborative projects with women offline in the real world.

I have done all of this and many other unlisted endeavors while simultaneously dealing with family tragedy and living with autoimmune dis-ease, arthritis, and spinal imbalance that causes severe body pain.

Last month I organized a protest in front of the United Nations Headquarters in NYC bringing together some of the strongest female voices in the US to oppose the UN's gender identity industry. We were even honored by the presence of a special guest from the UK, founder of Standing for Women, Kellie-Jay Keen. I am currently working on a video documentary from the protest which will feature speeches from all of the women and a full breakdown of the UN's role in the world-wide agenda of female erasure.

Link to United Nations Press Release & Speakers

Directly following the UN protest I made my way to Atlanta, Georgia. As part of the Save Women's Sports Action Team led by founder Beth Stelzer, I protested for 3 days, rain and shine, while male swimmer Lia Thomas was allowed to steal women’s titles at the NCAA Swimming Championships. The event was covered by major news outlets and was a tipping point to catalyze women across America and the world to stand up for the sex-based rights of women and girls everywhere. Not only did I support logistics on the back end but I created crucial media from inside the arena, engaged in outreach & open dialogue with counter protestors, and helped to encourage Virginia Tech Swimmer Rose Pouch to speak out publicly in the media.

Link to Press Release

Link to excerpt from exclusive interview with Rose Pouch

VA Tech Swimmer Says "No" to Males Competing as Females

Link to Livestream Report Back from Atlanta with Beth Stelzer:

My plans to fight back against the gender identity industry are only expanding by the day. 

As I write this I have just returned home from Madison, Wisconsin where I joined incredible women for a free speech event (Sisters 4 Sisters) and public conference (Courage Calls to Courage). While there, I worked as one half of the Women's Liberation Radio News media team to capture photos and videos, and livestream the events to the public. I also be presented my workshop, "Mapping the Trans Agenda", which takes an in-depth look at the extensive connections between the state, corporate, and private sectors of the gender identity industry and draws from my unique perspective as a former employee at an LGBT non-profit and former trans rights activist.

When I began this work, it was far harder to speak on these issues than it is now in 2022. I am one of the many women who has put my blood, sweat, and tears into raising my voice to make space for more people to question this agenda and to speak up themselves. Not a day has gone by that I don't stop and ask myself if this is worth all of the pain and struggle that goes along with it. Every day I find the strength to keep going because I believe in the safety, dignity, and respect of women and girls. I believe the future of humanity is worth it, and children are worth fighting for.

While I have received numerous threats, harassment, and intimidation for speaking out, I have also received many well wishes and thanks for my work from people all over the world. However, when it comes to financial support, it has not been as easy. I have not made money on any of the countless hours of unpaid work I have done or events I have organized. 

That is why it was such a shock and blow to discover that Patreon has suspended my account for “Violation of Community Guidelines”. Speaking about women’s rights IS considered “hate speech” by those who hate women. ALL of the donations that anyone EVER sent me on Patreon have been confiscated and returned to sender without any warning, and without any method for retrieval. Patreon is not even allowing me access to the account at all to retrieve vital contact information and records. Please help me recover what Patreon took! I worked hard to earn $5,700 since I began this account in 2018, which works out to a little over $100/month over the course of time.

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The money I am asking you to help me recover represents only a fraction of my own hard earned money I have invested in equipment, protest materials, and travel. The money I was saving on Patreon is not only all I have to show for my hard work over these past four years, but the seed money to start the next leg of my life’s work. I had left the money to accumulate in the account believing that if it was there I wouldn't spend it. I have big dreams for an event I would like to organize in the future and a project I want to start that will become a life-long engagement. In addition, this seed and security fund is my only savings for an emergency if I am ever targeted legally or otherwise for my work –like I have been in the past for organizing around other issues.

My hope is that some of my Patrons and other supporters from over the years read this message and find it in their hearts to send the money that was refunded to them by Patreon to one of the accounts listed below. It would mean the world to me if I could recover the funds. Needless to say I am devastated, heartbroken, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't demoralized from this latest offense.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for your ongoing support. Although I am disheartened, I will not stop. You can expect to see more new videos from me and to hear me speaking not just online but at free speech events being held across the country. Now more than ever, despite all set-backs, I am sure that I will not back down. Will you help me stand up against this $5.2 trillion dollar anti-human industry and help me recover the funds Patreon appropriated from my account?

Please send whatever you can to the following accounts:

I have also set up a Give Butter donation campaign so if you would like to share this update on my work and help me to receive funds to my seed and security money more broadly, feel free to share this link.
With gratitude and sincerity,

K. Yang aka The Deprogrammer,


K. Yang is the creator of Stop Female Erasure. ​

She is a writer, film maker, artist, and activist whose work –The Deprogrammer– explores the intersections of transgenderism and transhumanism as the backdrop of the global agenda for female erasure.

Her work is uniquely informed by her past experiences as a trans rights activist and past work indoctrinating youth with “gender identity” ideology in New York public schools while an employee at an LGBT non-profit funded by the New York State Department of Health.


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20 Supporters

K. Yang