The Evergrey - COVID-19 Local News Fund

Give to support The Evergrey as we cover the coronavirus crisis in our communities.


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Local news needs your support

The Evergrey is covering all things related to COVID-19 and how everyone can collaborate to lift up our community.

These funds will go directly to the staff of The Evergrey to continue to provide the city with essential curation and engagement to allow our city to come together during these uncertain times.

Here’s what you’re supporting in Seattle:

  • Trusted reporting that cuts through all the coronavirus noise to bring you the news you need to know to start your day. As Evergrey member Amy B. puts it: "I look forward to reading your email every morning as a part of my morning ritual. You always inspire me and share things with me I never would have known about otherwise."
  • Local stories that shine a light on how our community is coming together, like this piece about a radio station serving South Seattle or this one about a flower-powered grassroots effort to support Hmong farmers.
  • Actionable journalism you can use, including regular updates on how to support local businesses, how to help local food banks and community kitchens, and how to make the most of staying home — Seattle style.
  • Real humans ready to hear your story ideas and answer your questions (that’s us!)

The Evergrey - COVID-19 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable trust affiliated with Local Media Association. LMF is raising funds for educational activities; specifically, to educate the public on COVID-19 issues. LMF is providing funds to this news organization and many others to support this important educational project. All money raised by this effort will go directly to support COVID-19 reporting, to make sure the public has essential facts on this important topic.

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153 supporters

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