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The FAM is a movement to reach every young and aspiring music professional and artist to create more accessibility, more collaboration, and a more mentally healthy industry.


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We’re raising $5,000 to continue making a positive impact on your career and the rest of our FAMily

The FAM was started 6 years ago in an effort to make the music industry (and the world that consumes it) a healthier place. 

We believe we are better off when we work together to support each other to create more access and opportunities for all. 

The FAM is here to break down the unhealthy competitive barriers of the industry while sharing our values of positivity, collaboration, and sharing success, resources, and relationships so that we can all thrive!

Since our inception as a club at USC in 2017, we’ve hosted more than 75 professionals on our panels and workshops, and we’ve thrown parties, concerts, and jam sessions to highlight our musicians and create a comfortable social environment for members to build symbiotic relationships. 

We created a Mentorship program to connect the young and aspiring members of our community with young but established professionals and artists to guide their early career decisions and emphasize our value that everyone we meet can provide value to us if we're open to it. 

We've always believed that hosting events is the best way to grow our community and provide value to our members by educating them, creating opportunities for them to perform and support each other, introducing them to other members, and sharing our values and vision.

Your contributions, big or small, will make a powerful impact by allowing us to host more professional and social events, expand our Mentorship program, and reach a wider audience of young and aspiring music professionals and artists. 

“The connections you make here are real. After joining the FAM last year, I've worked for and collaborated with more artists and known people in the music industry than I have my whole life. The people you meet here really care about you!”

Rachel J

“Because it’s a place that can bring together all sorts of individuals with different goals, passions, and pursuits all the while maintaining a family relationship that never dwindles. Getting to blend the lines of friends and professionals in college will hopefully allow for even greater friendships and business relationships to form post-graduation.”

Mitchell A

“When I first came to USC, I was trying to find my place in the music industry and felt quite lost in the crowd. The FAM helped me to discover parts of the industry and meet new people who are passionate about their art and about promoting other people’s music.”

Jay T

“I love the FAM because of the culture that is being developed within the org. I feel like it’s rare in the music industry and business in general to find a community that genuinely wants to see everyone grow. The authenticity of the FAM is what brought me to these awesome people and is what keeps me coming back.”

Alex S

Music already has a healing quality - can you imagine what we would all be able to experience if we healed the industry from the inside out?

We are asking for your help to bring this vision to reality -- any contribution you can make, whether that is money, time, or resources, will take us one step closer to making a positive impact through music...because in the end, FAMily Matters.

Whether you are a FAM member or not - in the past, present, or future - we hope that you can see the value in bringing a positive and collaborative mindset to your career in the music industry.


Share Fundraiser


98 Supporters

90% of $5,000 goal

The FAM Music

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