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The FAM is a movement to reach every young and aspiring music professional and artist to create more accessibility, more collaboration, and a more mentally healthy industry.


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My name is Aaron Raus - I started The FAM 4 years ago in an Entrepreneurship class at USC trying to solve the problem that 'it's hard to find a job in the music industry.'

Our Mission:
As a 501c3 Nonprofit Membership organization, we are breaking down the competitive barriers of the music industry by bringing it together as a FAMily.
Our Mission is to help you and your career by making it a more accessible, collaborative, and a mentally-healthy environment.

Our Vision:
If the world is filled with 6 degrees of separation, then the music industry is filled with 3 degrees of separation - our vision is of a music industry FAMily with ONE degree of separation. We can share success, resources, and relationships and all *thrive*.

Has The FAM made a positive impact on your life in any way?

“The connections you make here are real. After joining the FAM last year, I've worked for and collaborated with more artists and known people in the music industry than I have my whole life. The people you meet here really care about you!”

Rachel J

We’re raising $5,000 to continue making a positive impact in your career and the rest of our FAMily!

Your contributions will make a powerful impact by allowing us to create new programs and expand our current ones. A look into the next 3 years shows you how we are planning to work towards our Mission.

  • 2021:
    • Monthly panels and workshops
    • Matchmaker Program
    • Mentorship Program
    • Creating a new chapter 
    • Music Marathon
    • Family Dinners
    • 1st Annual Gala
  • 2022:
    • 2 new chapters 
    • Company Spotlights/Tours
    • Membership scholarships
    • Happy Hours and other Socials (listening parties, kickbacks, etc.)
    • Strategic partnerships (retail shops, restaurants, app partnerships (Livestream concert, mental health), studios, venues)
  • 2023:
    • Grant funding for members 
      • EX: Record an EP, form a company (Management, Design, Record Label, etc.), acquire licenses, fund an artist project
    • High-school Mentorships and Programs
    • Incubator
      • Project-based 8-week program to simulate the experience of starting a company, launching an EP, hosting a concert or other event

My goals with The FAM have always been to create more opportunities for those in the music industry. You can help me work towards this Mission by contributing to our goal to raise $5,000 by the end of the year.

Your contributions, big or small, will allow us to expand our reach so that The FAM programs can create opportunities for aspiring music professionals all over the country.

Check out the impact The FAM has had for yourself:

“Because it’s a place that can bring together all sorts of individuals with different goals, passions, and pursuits all the while maintaining a family relationship that never dwindles. Getting to blend the lines of friends and professionals in college will hopefully allow for even greater friendships and business relationships to form post-graduation.”

Mitchell A

“When I first came to USC, I was trying to find my place in the music industry and felt quite lost in the crowd. The FAM helped me to discover parts of the industry and meet new people who are passionate about their art and of promoting other people’s music.”

Jay T

“I love the FAM because of the culture that is being developed within the org. I feel like it’s rare in the music industry and business in general to find a community that genuinely wants to see everyone grow. The authenticity of the FAM is what brought me to these awesome people and is what keeps me coming back.”

Alex S

Music already has a healing quality - can you imagine what we would all be able to experience if we healed the industry from the inside out?

We are asking for your help to bring this vision to reality -- any contribution you can make, whether that is money, time, or resources, will take us one step closer to making a positive impact through music...because in the end, FAMily Matters.

Whether you are a FAM member or not - in the past, present, or future - I hope that you can see the value in bringing a positive and collaborative mindset to your career in the music industry.



62 supporters

$5,000 goal

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The FAM Music

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EIN 85-1942362