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The Good Road

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The Good Road is so close to the finish line!  Will you give us a  push?

(photo credit:  Andy Duensing)

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The stories we have heard, the people we have met.  It will restore your faith in your fellow man. 

But we need your help to finish Season 1

Check out the trailer:

This campaign will get us  past the post-production process of finalizing our 8 episodes.  In the public television world, it is up to the producers (Craig and I) to fund the project.  So we have put everything we have personally into this project.  Once the project airs in April, 2020, we expect that the brands, and foundations who sponsor the show will help cover the expenses that we have incurred.

These "finishing funds" are essential for us to get to air.

So, if you believe in the storytelling, and you want to partner with us, we could use your help.   Think of it as "buying us a beer".  Toss a few clams into the hat of the street musician.  Join us on this journey.  In return, we promise to tell you some amazing stories of the characters we've met along the way.  They are definitely  "Batman, not Superman" kinda stories.

Check out the The Good Road Trailer, and donate if you can.

(photo credit:  Andy Duensing)


Earl and Craig


Craig Martin received a new donation from Jerold Terry (JT)

2 days ago


Love. Love. Love. Looking forward to Season 1. We’ll done Earl and Craig! jt

Craig Martin received a new donation from Doris Alexander Griffin

3 days ago


Excited about the show and planning to share this giving opportunity with other friends. Take care!

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2 weeks ago


Craig Martin received a new donation from Katherine Lamyong

1 month ago


Very exciting times my friend! Good luck!

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