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Pathways to Prosperity

Invest in Independence: Climate Resilience, Economic Opportunity and Women's Empowerment


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Organized by The Harvest Fund

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Imagine, you’re born in a straw-thatched hut in a village in Eastern Zambia. Then, life takes an unfortunate turn and 2 of your 7 siblings die. Then, at age 10, your parents pass away. Orphaned, somebody takes you in. But that person refuses to send you to school. You marry at 21 and head to the big city in hopes of a better life. But your husband loses his life and leaves you with 5 children. As a single, illiterate mother, what will your children’s future hold?

This is the life of one of The Harvest Fund’s farmers, Leah Chabinga. But her story isn’t unique. It’s similar to that of the other women in the cooperatives supported by The Harvest Fund. And hundreds of millions of poor rural women around the world.

The Harvest Fund finances women like Leah not only for them to live a better life but to do so much more: become climate resilient, escape extreme poverty, and find economic opportunity.

Act now. Support women like Leah and change the world.



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