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Support The National LGBTQ Society

The National LGBTQ Society mission is to create a safe space and safe environment for member's of the LGBTQ Community and it's allies through our purpose of providing meaningful support, resourceful resources, and education.

The National LGBTQ Society is a tax-exempt organization and we are recognized as a 501c(3) organization. Our organization relies on donation's in order for our program's to be successful. All of our member's, board member's are volunteer's that give countless hours to helping other LGBTQIA+ individual's in need and our allied individual's in need. The fund's in for this campaign will go towards general operation's and for programing for organization unless otherwise specified by you.

Some of our long term goals include creating community center's, homeless shelters, food and dog pantries across the country to better assist individual's who are in need. Our program's include education, giving support and resources to those in need. We feel that everyone should be accepted for who they are regardless of sexual orientation, or gender identity. We feel that all LGBTQIA+ individual's should have the same basic rights as everyone else. We also feel that LGBTQIA+ individual's should not be denied access to healthcare due to there gender or gender identity. We are making a fight to ensure that our rights as LGBTQIA+ individuals are protected and we sincerely thank all of our allies who support and fight along all of us.


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