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8% of $20,000 goal


We couldn't have come this far without your support, and we wouldn't want to . 

The success of The Re-Sole 206 can be attributed to a number of things, but the most important is the people. People like you who have liked, commented, shared, showed up, got cleanings, and got customs from TDUB over the years, are why we have reached a goal as triumphant as opening our first sneaker cleaning shop in the heart of Seattle- the Central District!

But opening the shop is only the beginning. It is going to take A LOT of resource and support to make sure The Re-Sole 206 is successful for years to come. 

And that is why I chose to start this campaign. I want my people to be able to invest in a way that will be felt for years to come, and that starts from the ground up. 

With our doors set to open in the next couple months our biggest goal is to ensure the business is able to stay afloat while the services, team and systems are being troubleshooted and developed. That's where YOU come in. 

With your donation, we will be able to accomplish a few very important goals in our first year:

- Train and Hire employees- We will provide jobs for the youth in the Central District area and create a new opportunity of upward mobility and self reliance. 

- Build tech/ logistic system- The service we provide is incredibly niche. To clean, restore and customize footwear is something incredibly new in this local and global market. To properly track, log, and assess our customers, inventory and processes, we can ensure optimum efficiency while creating space for invention. 

- Build expense reserves and a future investment fund- We plan to revolutionize the sneaker industry through The Re-Sole 206. This storefront is step one in a multi -step plan to completely change the way people care for their footwear.  It will take time and it will take risk, which are two things that got us where we are today. I have dreams for this business that will take it to heights unseen. With your support we can develop a plan and strategy strong enough to sustain whatever obstacles may come our way. 

Thank you in advance for your attention and support. I will see you at the shop!                       

                                                                              - Takiyah "TDUB" Ward

                                                                               Owner - The Re-Sole 206                                                                                  

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