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Lifeline Family Center

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We have an urgent need for transportation!

Of the two 15 passenger vans that we have, one is beyond repair (good for junk) and the other is hanging on by a hope and a prayer. The reliability of our only mode of transportation is waning and we do not want our moms and their babies stranded on the side of the road waiting for help.

Vehicle information...

15 passenger high-top van

  • Reliable
  • Meets the safety standards required for car seats (latching harness)
  • More room for storage (strollers, groceries, etc.)
  • Easier to enter and exit for pregnant women and moms with babies
  • Allows entire home, life coaches and residents, to attend church, go to parks or events, etc.


  • Cost efficient for fewer passengers
    • Running errands for Life Coach and a resident
    • Going to appointments with a mom and her family
  • Life coach can stay at hospital with mom in labor
    • With the additional vehicle, the 15 passenger van at the house would allow the rest of the home the freedom to go out, versus being stranded without transportation.
    • Easier to bring new mom and baby home in the mini-van

How you can help...

We cannot express enough how urgent this need is. Whether you can give $20, $200 or campaign alongside us and raise $2,000, your kindness is greatly appreciated. We are actively reaching out for grants to MATCH the funds raised by YOU! The $200 you raise could become $400. Every dollar raised will go to the purchase and maintenance of the vehicles.

Join our e-newsletter list to follow our campaign. We will be updating you every week where we stand on how much has been raised and other needs we may have.

Give #tiresfortots


9 supporters

$70,000 goal

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