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Mutual aid is a form of solidarity-based support, in which communities unite against a common struggle, rather than leaving individuals to fend for themselves. Mutual aid marries community service with political education, and is the act of directly working to meet people’s needs with the shared understanding that the current systems we live in do not meet our needs, and that we can meet them together right now. Founded in October 2020, Total Liberation Collective is a predominantly Black, Non-Hierarchical organization dedicated to the abolition of all structures of oppression that impede total liberation. We center on mutual aid, intending to build strong communities that make all police and prisons obsolete. Our efforts seek to challenge all forms of white supremacy through a pro- Black lens while supporting indigenous sovereignty, celebrating queerness and transness, and resisting capitalism's drive toward climate collapse. Above all, love, rage, and learning are our core tenets. We hope to always grow towards Total Liberation and invite you to join us to support our communal efforts to make this world a better place.

TLC is a community funded collective ran by volunteers that take no salary, this means that every dollar donated will go back to the community!

Mutual Aid is love, so please help support our ongoing mutual aid projects. Current Mutual Aid projects include: Mealz on Wheelz - a weekly Saturday meal and supplies distribution to different encampments around Washington D.C., where we personally prepare recipes, package meals/hygiene kits, and distribute 100 meals and goodies to our unhoused friends. Every month, we host mutual aid markets in Black and Brown neighborhoods providing groceries, clothing, household supplies, toys, and books! We actively work with single Black and Brown mothers and other community members in the DMV by redistributing wealth, especially checking with them on holidays to make sure them and their children’s needs are met. Our activism is fueled by our desire to dismantle systems of oppression. Support our ongoing mutual aid efforts, as well as protest and community support, by donating or sharing any amount!

Please follow our social media pages for ways to get involved and learn more about how we can all make this world better.

Instagram: @tlcollectivedc

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12 supporters

$5,000 goal

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