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Taste Quest: ROLL OUT!

Even simple recipes can grow essential skills. Let’s get rolling!

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Taste Quest Roll Out: Foodie Fun for a Cause!

Sunday 12:00 AM - Tuesday 11:59 PM CDT

Add to Calendar 2023-10-01 00:00:00 2023-10-31 23:59:00 America/Chicago Taste Quest Roll Out: Foodie Fun for a Cause! Complete quests throughout the month of October to win prizes and raise awareness for Taste Quest's mission! Learn more about the challenge below.

Complete quests throughout the month of October to win prizes and raise awareness for Taste Quest's mission! Learn more about the challenge below.


At Taste Quest, we encourage kids to play with their food. Why? Because food connects to all of life, and play is the best way to learn! When we put the two together, kids experience tremendous growth in essential skills including nutritional competence, collaboration, creative innovation, critical thinking, self-regulation, and social awareness.

Taste Quest is rolling out our newest initiative, SNACK AROUND THE WORLD, to empower thousands of kids through play-based food education. This kit contains six group activities all designed to help kids grow heir sense of agency. With the help of this kit, kids recognize their own potential for making good choices and serving those around them: they try new vegetables because the guacamole game tells them to, they taste each other’s smoothies to experience the different flavors, and they bring home their homemade hummus to share with their families. We see kids sharing about their own cultures while learning about others, building nutritional balance into their dishes, and demonstrating responsible decision-making about food waste. With Taste Quest, cooking bcomes a superpower! 


Where to now? We need your help!

We want to raise $50,000 to spread Taste Quest's mission and methodology across Nashville and beyond. These funds will go towards:

1)   Rolling out Snack Around the World. This means publishing and distributing our first kit to groups of kids, ages 8-13, across all demographics and backgrounds.

2)    Kick-starting production on our next group activity kit

3)    Offering Scholarship kits so all kids can participate

4)    Building our online resource library for project extensions and additional learning


Your partnership will catalyze our next phase of growth for our mission. Here is what you can do: 

1) Make a donation toward the campaign to roll out Taste Quest Activities to thousands of kids. 

2) Follow us through our newsletter or social media, @tastequestHQ, and forward/share our content with your communities. 

3) Get the kit! If you have kids in your life who would benefit from Taste Quest, order kits for those kiddos! 

4) And if you really want to put the fun in this fundraiser....

Join Roll Out October Challenge!

Do you play with food? Well, you should, and here is the perfect opportunity... :)

THE CHALLENGE: Sign up to compete in our foodie fun quest for a cause. On October 1, we will go live with 25 foodie quests–some simple, some silly, some challenging–and you can pick which quests to complete throughout the month of October. At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded for most number of quests completed, most creative results, and most number of friends recruited. 

Quest examples: 
- Design and build a board game out of food
- Invent the most elaborate way to consume an apple
- High-five a farmer!
- Share a recipe that makes you feel the most like “Autumn” 

So let's get rolling! Sign up today to receive the Quest list on October 1st, and help us raise awareness for Taste Quest's Mission. Excited to have you on the team! 

Game on!


Thanks for teaming up with Taste Quest!

Game On!

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