Because global movements REQUIRE multilingual freedom fighters!


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Why are we doing this?

Bottomline: The liberation of ALL Black people EVERYWHERE will require more than one language. PERIODT!



The #TranslateTheMovement campaign was created by Jamii Linguists, a 100% Black-lesbian-owned social enterprise dedicated to helping people create change - in any language necessary! We are not a non-profit.  We are a people-first, mission-second, profit-third kind of organization. This campaign is part of our mission to shift the one-language-fits-all approach to building movements for social justice while centering the needs of people of African descent. These funds will allow us to expand our capacity as a for-purpose organization that provides interpreting, translation, and other language services needed by freedom fighters who are leveraging the power of language to create change. A special emphasis is placed on providing free and low-cost services to freedom fighters and Black-led community organizations that demonstrate financial need as they engage in organizing campaigns and movement building.

How Funds Will Be Distributed?

All money raised by this effort will go directly to support Black-led initiatives, pay Black linguists, provide free and low-cost language justice trainings, and build Language & Diaspora’s capacity to provide more resources for Black linguists (and language learners) who actively promote Black liberation. Services and resources will be distributed on the basis of need and availability of funds.

To learn more about the #TranslateTheMovement campaign and the impact goals of Jamii Linguists, visit https://www.jamii.co/impact. For any questions or inquiries, reach us at [email protected].



30 supporters

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