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About TrueRose Incubator, Inc:

TrueRose Incubator®, Inc. Starves out fear and incubates purpose-led leadership in Black and Latinx girls in Middle-School and High-School. We aim to rectify issues that are attributed to racial and gender bias in society by providing access to mental health services, self-enrichment courses, and mentorship to high school and middle school Black and Latinx girls. As a healing-centered organization, we intend to increase the number of mentally and emotionally sound leaders and encourage a future pool of diverse and capable leadership. Contrary to traditional Black or Latinx girl empowerment organizations, the TrueRose Incubator® will focus intentionally on both Black and Latinx girls' mental and emotional health and wellbeing as they understand their leadership identity. We provide a space where girls receive free, and accessible therapy and life coaching services to increase the quantity and quality of future Black and Latinx women leaders within the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors.

Why this is important:

According to 'Ready to Lead’ a study conducted by Girls Leadership, Black and Latinx girls are less likely than girls of other races/ethnicities (Asian girls, Multiethnic girls, and White girls) to cite lack of confidence or fear of failure as deterrents to leadership aspirations. However, the most significant internal barrier cited was a fear of negative outcomes caused by social repercussions when presented with an opportunity to lead.

This gives rise to feelings of imposter syndrome, anxiety, and even depression in the Black and Latinx girl community. Furthermore, the stigma within said community as it pertains to mental health initiatives, as well as statistically proven high occurrences of adverse childhood experience specific to this demographic increase the need for accessible, progressive, and diverse mental health initiatives.

How will the funds be used:

The funds generated by this campaign will be used toward the building and marketing of a secure platform that is intentional towards the goal of meeting Black and Latinx girls where they are creating a community that incubates their purpose and helps them to overcome obstacles to their leadership aspirations and achievements.

Current Partnerships:

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with two well-known universities in the state of Texas that have committed to provide therapist and support to our initiative! Subscribe to our website to receive detailed updates about our efforts



1 Supporter

0% of $5,000 goal

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