RISPE Tuition 2024


At RISPE, we’re dedicated to nurturing educators who are not just well-equipped with practical skills but are also passionate advocates for inclusivity and diversity in education.

As part of our vision to transform Rhode Island’s teacher pipeline, we’re proud to offer comprehensive, innovative programs designed to empower the next generation of teachers.

ESOL Certification Program

This comprehensive program helps Rhode Island educators excel in teaching English to non-native speakers, leveraging a 13 or 18-month curriculum designed with immediate classroom application in mind.

Elementary Accelerated Certification Program

A 13-month intensive program for aspiring elementary school teachers with prior experience working with school-age youth, combining rigorous coursework, practical teaching experience, and consistent instructional coaching.

Multilingual Learner (MLL) Endorsement Program

This program offers a focused and structured study of five key areas—Sociocultural, Literacy Acquisition, Linguistics, Curriculum, and Assessment—delivered in 10 3-hour sessions, enabling educators to more effectively teach multilingual learners.

For more information visit: https://rhodeislandspe.com/programs/


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