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What's up friends!

My name is Daniel Mathia and I am the founder of The Wandering Ear an online music publication & event series based out of Seattle WA. We write/curate events on how music makes you feel and how it's attached to a certain moment or feeling. 

A little bit about The Wandering Ear: 

I started The Wandering Ear on August  26, 2016, at that time I was going to school in Tucson Arizona but I was feeling really stressed and discouraged because I wasn't doing well in school and life was just crazy. It got so bad that my advisor at that time suggested that I go see a therapist which I did. But even though going through all of this I found peace in listening to music. Music was the only thing that made me forget what was going on just for that short moment. I truly felt the music and thus why I came up with the tagline for The Wandering Ear which is "We're Dedicated to the feels".  You see The Wandering Ear saved me from literally going mad because at that time I was in a dark headspace but I found my purpose when I came up with The Wandering Ear. In the four years since The Wandering Ear was started, I've been able to interview nearly 20 artists,  been to probably 100 concerts( Yes I know I have a problem leave me alone!! As for how I was able to go to all of these honestly I don't know but I can share my strategies with you if you really want to know), thrown three concerts which I'll share more later, went to Montreal Canada to meet some of my favorite music friends, curated a podcast, been to a few music festivals as a press, drank a lot of coffee and spend countless hours on Spotify and SoundCloud and most importantly I've been very fortunate to have amazing friends and meet the most genuine and supportive people I have ever met in my whole life. I genuinely didn't see The Wandering Ear getting this big. I just thought that it would be a quick idea that I will forget and move on but nope. The Wandering Ear is truly my life mission to help foster a community that’s driven by authenticity, rawness, and connecting others to experience music in a meaningful way. 

So, What is the TWE Support Fund Daniel? 

Well, thank you for asking my friend! For the last four years, The Wandering Ear has been completely self-funded and ran solely by me. But I've gotten to the point where I want to be in a position where I can help more artists and more creators with opportunities to make art without stressing about money. And so, for the last two years, I've had this idea where I utilize my resources and my community to help out artists. But this idea hasn't been so prevalent in mind since it came back like two months ago! We all know that this pandemic has greatly affected the music/art industry but more importantly, we are also faced with a lot of racial tension. And so, being 100% Black-Owned and Black Creator who wants to make a living off being a creative and running a creative business. I didn't see anything like this where it's a fund that is catered towards BIPOC artists/individuals/ organizations to help them out. All I know is when you are starting a business you're options for getting funding are either bank loans, venture capital, or if you strike gold you get an angel investor to invest in you. But I knew that The Wandering Ear isn't meant for any of those funding sources so I wanted to create my own funding source so creatives don't have to go out for those impossible funding sources. I also want to make this grow so that I can tell other creators more specifically Kenyan-Americans like myself that you can make a living as a creative person and you don't have to forgo your gifts for that cushy job if you are a naturally creative person. I wanted to make a difference so this comes to the idea of TWE Support Fund. 

How do you donate? 

You can donate any amount here on the Givebutter site. You can also use Venmo as a payment method through the Givebutter platform. You can text this number (202) 858-1233 by using this shortcode TFS. Or pay with any other method that you'd like. You can also donate on The Wandering Ear site if you'd like as well! Thank you! 

Who/Where is the money going and how much? 

The TWE Support Fund will be an  Ongoing fund directed to funding BIPOC artists/individuals/organizations with some money and with The Wandering Ear// Daniel's resources// Daniel's Community. We will be raising money in 2 different tiers. Part of this money will also be going to help fund The Wandering Ear when it comes to business expenses // operating expenses // hiring 1-2 staff members for The Wandering Ear. Look below for a more detailed breakdown of where the money is going. There will also be an active Google Sheet that will show where the money is going to keep true authenticity and transparency. This fund will be first directed towards those that are living in the PNW but will then branch out as we get more money coming in. 

We are looking to first raise $800.00. At $800.00 dollars here is the breakdown of where that money is going: 

$ 300.00 one time donation to Nubian Productions they are Black women in Seattle creating content to uplift and empower black people within our communities. We strive to inspire those around us by being unapologetic & authentic with all that we do. Our team provides a safe place for black creatives to be free & vocal about the experiences that we face. (straight from  there IG // Website Bio)

$500 is going to The Wandering Ear Operating and  Business Expenses

  • $ 100 to pay website maintenance for the next 3 months at 26.00 @ SquareSpace
  • $250 to pay for merch expenses such as T-Shirts, Sweaters, & Masks, Stickers for the fundraiser
  • $ 150 is going to The Wandering Ear Reserves for Events, TWE Suprise & Delights, & One-off businesses expenses

Tier Two Goal:

We would like to raise $5,000  for our second tier goal. That money would be used to hire more Black & BIPOC Creatives and supporting them financially. It will also be used for Operating/Business Expenses for The Wandering Ear. Part of the money will go to working on getting 1-2 staff and paying them a small stipend for there work. It will also go towards throwing events as well. 

The End: 

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this fundraiser! It really means a lot that you would read all of this and consider donating to The Wandering Ear. Please share this campaign with your friends and your community! We'd also appreciate it if you'd like to be one of our recurring people who donate to The Wandering Ear that would also mean a lot. 

Feel free to follow The Wandering Ear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Much love and appreciation to each and every one single one of you! If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram and or Twitter and we will gladly work on it. And don't forget to check out our site at


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