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Dream Big, Build Bigger

Like many communities in Michigan, manufacturing is part of our identity. The drive to create and innovate runs deep here in Jackson. The 250+ manufacturing companies who call Jackson home, and have continued to grow and thrive serving numerous industries and generations, serve as a testament to this fact. 

The Shop Rat Foundation and JAMA are proud that Jackson's manufacturing education pipeline shares the local industry's commitment to innovation, longevity and excellence. The opening of the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center is the necessary next step, in building the capacity needed to take our community's training needs to the next level. This center will serve as a much needed enhancement to the collaborative efforts of all to ensure that our companies have the workforce necessary to thrive. 

Your gift in support of this project will enable us to provide state of the art, industry-preferred equipment for students to learn on; making their transition to industry even more seamless, as well as providing a flexible and safe learning space to serve local schools and students from youth through adulthood under one roof. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Organized by Shop Rat Foundation Inc
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