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InterPride brings together Pride organizations from around the world, as well as regional, national, and local Pride networks, therefore contributing to the global coordination of Pride efforts. We currently gather over 400 organizations from more than 70 countries.

To assist Pride organizers design and conduct the most important visibility event that deconstructs myths, lies, and prejudices surrounding LGBTI+ realities. InterPride promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex Pride, maximizes networking and communication among Pride Organizations, offers resources, empowers, and leverages education.

Solidarity Fund

One of InterPride's Human Rights Committee's goals is to distribute money raised from our members and sponsors to organizations striving to make a difference and promote a better understanding of LGBTI+ people. Specifically, the Solidarity Fund Sub-Committee funds community-based events worldwide, with a focus on the global south and east, where public LGBTI+ activities are often discriminated against.

InterPride is creating the world's largest self-sustaining fund for LGBTI+ equality, inspired by the audacious ambition of the Pride movements. We combine equity-lens investing, daring grassroots fundraising, and robust and multi-sector philanthropy to unleash substantial resources for Pride organizers throughout the world through our Solidarity Fund.

Since its beginning in 2013, monies have been awarded to support the staging of an LGBTI+ film festival, a large-scale LGBTI+ wedding, and the first public Pride festivities in Jinja, Uganda, and Nassau, The Bahamas.

Our community needs you to join in the fight for global LGBTI+ equality. Invest in our community today, and together, we will achieve a more equitable future. 

About Solidarity Fund Donations

The Solidarity Fund is supported through the generous donations of individuals and organizations, in particular, many Pride organizations that are part of InterPride and make generous annual contributions to the fund.

If you’d like to assist those struggling in regions that are hostile or challenging for LGBTI+ organizers, please donate to the Solidarity Fund today. On behalf of all the groups we are funding around the world, we thank you for your support.


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EIN 51-0353166